Jerusa Leão is a Brazilian singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Originally from Bahia, Jerusa Leão grew up around the semi-arid cities of this province, beginning her artistic career in 1995. Over the course of a decade she cultivated several impressive musical projects that span different continents.  These musical projects showcase Brazilian music and culture. One such project is the half-Canadian, half-Brazilian band Maria Bonita Band and The Band (www.mbandtheband.com). Jerusa holds the position of the artistic director, singer and instrumentalist of Maria Bonita and The Band.  Jerusa also co-founded the group Maracatu Mar Aberto with Alex Bordokas and acted as the singer and percussionist with the group. Jerusa also works as a DJ under the names of D-jerus and Jerus Nazdaq. Her world ethnic music style and collection of electronic music has been enjoyed in cultural events and festivals throughout Brazil, Canada and France.  In France Jerusa contributed to another great Brazilian musical project called Trio Alavantu, collaborating with the Forró community in France, earning credit for her artistic contribution and collaboration. Jerusa collaborates in cultural exchange projects sponsored by the Brazilian government through the Secretary of Culture of Bahia in 2017 with the Both Sides of the River project and in 2019 with Saravah!, a tour to the world of Samba de Roda from Bahia. These projects benefited the exchange of culture between Unites States and Brazil giving the local youth communities in Mississippi, USA the opportunity to explore cultural exchange through workshops and live performances. Currently, Jerusa resides in Brazil performing as a solo singer and researching Brazilian culture during her travels. These excursions further improve her knowledge of popular culture. In spent time studying under master teachers in the historical city of Cachoeira, Saubara and Bom Jesus dos Pobres, and Forró Pé de Serra in the northeastern region of Brazil precisely between Bahia, Pernambuco, Sergipe and Alagoas.